Крок 1: Getting an invitation for a foreign citizen

To receive such an INVITATION, you need to send it to the university by e-mail: slavalevcenko1984@gmail.com, or by phone: +380665784443 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)

• a copy of the foreign passport;

• a copy of the educational document on graduation from school or other educational institution;

• sign an agreement on personal data processing (the text of the agreement is attached).

The INVITATION (on a special form) is issued within 2 days after the consideration of the submitted documents and the positive decision of the commission. It states: candidate's personal data; country of obtaining a visa; type of training – professional training according to the chosen specialty, language training, etc.

The ORIGINAL INVITATION is handed over to the candidate personally after payment for the invitation form, the procedure for its registration, visa support and the cost of sending the addressee by express mail (DHL or TNT) at the established rate. The receipt for the payment of all expenses is registered in a special journal.

INVITATIONS to study can also be received through our agents - representatives who have the official power of attorney and authority of the university for the right to recruit foreign citizens.


CONSENT TO PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING (download via a clickable link below)


 STEP 2: After getting the invitation (follow the link to get the info)

Крок 2: Після отримання ЗАПРОШЕННЯ