10 advantages of foreign students studying at KhNAHU!

1. Students, including foreign ones, professors and scientists of the KhNAHU University, constantly participate in international projects and programs of TEMPUS, ERASMUS+, DAAD, going to foreign universities for studies, scientific internships, conducting joint research, giving lectures, improving qualifications.

2. The university is a strategic partner of the American corporation AUTODESK, an agreement was signed according to which students, teachers and scientists of KhNADU can use the most modern computer modeling programs in road construction, architecture and automobile construction (AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Fusion 360, Civil 3D, etc.) in the educational process for free. 

3. Educational centers for the practical training of students have been created and are successfully operating at the university based on the most modern equipment of world-famous companies: American - HAAS (metal cutting machines with numerical software control), German - BOSCH (diagnostic equipment for car technical service) etc.

4. The German-Ukrainian Center works effectively at the university, thanks to which the cooperation of KhNAHU with German higher educational institutions, enterprises and companies in the field of road construction and automobile construction is actively developing. Ukrainian and foreign students at the Center study the German language, get acquainted with the culture, traditions and achievements of Germany, consultations, trainings, presentations, wrokshops, master classes are constantly held for students for their further participation in international programs, projects, internships in Germany.

5. Students of KhNAHU, including foreign students, participate in double diploma programs with leading European universities in Switzerland, Poland, and Latvia.

6. For foreign students, the university has developed special adapted methodical materials (lecture notes, methodical instructions for completing individual tasks, course and diploma projects), which contribute to increasing the efficiency of their independent work, and therefore the quality of their professional training.

7. During the period of study, foreign students are actively involved in scientific research, participate in competitions, Olympiads, make presentations at student scientific conferences, write scientific articles, and for this, according to the results of their achievements, they are awarded certificates and diplomas.

8. During their studies, foreign students under the guidance of highly qualified teachers and scientists of the university can perform real course and diploma projects, using the raw data of their country for calculations.

9. For more than 50 years, the University has been operating the Laboratory of High Speed Vehicles, where students, including foreign ones, put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classrooms and create unique models of record-breaking racing cars with their own hands, participate in national and international competitions (2010 - 2016). E.g. SCHELL-eco marathon, E8 formula, etc.

10. The university implements an exciting program of extracurricular activities for foreign students: they take an active part in artistic amateur competitions, numerous excursions, sports competitions and other cultural events.