"Study in Germany! Call for Application"

Call for Applications

Erasmus+ Scholarships for a study abroad at  German Universities 

Duration: 6 months during the semester 

What is funded?

Erasmus+ awards a monthly stipend near of € 800 for a study abroad for 6 months at Germany

Furthermore, scholarship-holders will receive a one-time subsidy towards their travel expenses. The scholarship does not include health insurance and insurance for accident and personal liability.

Application Requirements

1. Enrolment at KhNAHU, as regular degree seeking students

2. Completion of the 2 nd, 3 rd 4 rd Academic year and postgraduate students of study at the home university

3. Good or very good academic standing particularly in the area of Engineering, manufacturing and construction                                                                     

 4. Sufficient language skills for the study abroad: min. level English B1 (or German B1 language of instruction at    the partner university)    

Documents needed for scholarship application

≡ Filled-in ERASMUS+ application form 

= Learning Agreement, signed by student and home university

= Transcript of Records (Certification of grades obtained at home university)

= Proof of Enrolment at home university

≡ Hand-signed CV (e.g. Europass specimen form at: europass.cedefop.europa.eu)

≡ Hand-signed Letter of Motivation with precise description of the academic/professional and personal reasons for the study abroad

= Proof of Language Skills

≡ Optional: Recommendation Letter from a professor / teacher

≡ Copy of the foreign passport

All documents send in PDF

Selection : the most important selection criterion is the academic performance and quality of a candidate. If several candidates present with similar level of academic achievements, the decision will consider the socio-economic background and personal presentation of the candidates’ professional and personal motivation for the study abroad. 

Application Deadline:depends of the term

Contact for Applications: International@khadi.kharkov.ua