Scientific Schools

The KhNAHU has a high scientific potential. The high scientific and pedagogical qualification of the university specialists was the basis for the establishment of world-famous scientific schools on its base. Twelve leading scientific schools operate effectively under the guidance of famous scientists:

The year of foundation is 1962

The founder of the school is Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor A.B. Hredeskul.

School Heads are Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Bohomolov V.O., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Klymenko V.I.

The Head of the school from 1986 to 2020 was Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Honored Science and Technology Figure, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Academician of the New York Academy and the Transport Academy of Ukraine, Professor A.M. Turenko.

Fields of science – mechanical engineering, transport, active safety of vehicles, brake systems of motor vehicles.

The designs of brake force regulators, floor level regulators in the pneumatic suspension, pneumohydraulic clutch actuator valve, two-section and three-section brake valves, vacuum brake booster, implemented in serial production and manufactured by PJSC “Volchansk Aggregate Plant” and Krasnodon CJSC “Avtoagregat”, were developed.


The developed and manufactured products are used in serial cars KrAZ, MAZ, UralAZ, UAZ; buses Bogdan, LAZ, LiAZ; trolleybuses Trolza, PMZ.