Exhibition complex

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A unique exhibition complex has been created on the basis of Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University. It concentrates the main scientific and educational achievements of the whole team.

Currently, the university has six faculties: Automobile Engineering, Road-building, Mechanical Engineering, Transport Systems, Business and Administrationt and International Students faculty. For the convenience of admission, the exposition of each faculty and departments is briefly presented in the exhibition complex.

The exposition of state prizes and the publications occupy an honorable place there. The exhibits are constantly replenished with the latest developments of scientists and students of KhNAHU. The works of the student trade union and of the Educational Services Centre are presented on separate stands.

The achievements of the whole university are reviewed annually, which has a positive effect on the further work of the scientists of our university. The exhibition complex is regularly visited by students and guests of KhNAHU.

In recent years, the university has participated in many exhibitions of international and regional importance.

The doors of our exhibition complex are always open to everyone.