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Information and Computer Center

One of the important characteristics of a higher education institution is the degree of use of modern computer and information technologies in solving educational, managerial, financial, and economic problems, which determines the competitiveness of universities and prospects for their development.

To coordinate work in this direction, in 1976 a computer center was established at the university, which was further reformed into the Information and Computer Center (ICC). Its first chief was Yu.M. Lushchan, and the scientific supervisor was Prof DSc O.P. Alexiev. The main areas of work of the ICC on the implementation of information technologies at the university are as follows:

– development and implementation of an automated information system (AIST) in the educational, scientific, and economic activities of the university;

– creation and administration of the telecommunication node of the university (Internet), its development and integration into the single information and educational space of the country;

– development of the university computer network;

– creation of computer networks in the university dormitories, administration of students' access to information resources of the university and the Internet;

– introduction of modern software solutions in the educational and scientific activities of the university;

– technical and organizational support of computer equipment in classrooms, departments and divisions of the university;

– construction and operational support of lecture multimedia classrooms;

– introduction of new information television and video communication technologies in the educational process.