Do not confuse dual education with distance and correspondence forms. It is not the usual combination of study with any work for the sake of earning. A dual form of education is actually a "double" education. The main feature of the dual form of education is a harmonious combination of the provision of theoretical knowledge from the university and practical knowledge from the workplace. Students study full-time according to a specially developed schedule of individual classes, at the same time they have official employment by specialty at an enterprise or organization and a mandatory internship place

Postponement from conscription for the term military service for obtaining an education for the entire period of study is granted to the citizens of the draft age who are studying at the KhNAHU under a dual form of education, including the period of acquisition of the next higher educational and qualification level of higher education.

Advantages of dual education

♦ combination of education and work;

♦ parallel training with teachers and qualified specialists;

♦ acquisition of theoretical and practical professional skills;

♦ obtaining a confirmed qualification after completing higher education.