Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University is a collective member of the Technical Committee on Standardization TC 80 "Road Transport". The authorized representatives are (order of SE "UkrNDNC" dated 27.10.2016 No. 344) Associate professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Repair Technology, DSc, Associate professor A.I. Korobko and Professor of the Department of Automobiles named after A. B. Gredeskul, DSc, Professor S. M. Shuklinov

The functions of TK 80 include:

– participation in the work of relevant national technical standardization committees and international and regional standardization organizations;

– development and approval of draft national regulatory documents and amendments to them;

– participation in the formation of the Work Program on national standardization;

– formation of the Work Program of TC 80 in accordance with DSTU 1.14:2015;

– verification and review of national normative documents (ND) of which they are the developers;

- approval and submission of proposals for the cancellation and restoration of national NDs and changes to them;

– giving clarifications regarding the provisions of national NDs, the objects of standardization of which belong to the sphere of activity of TC 80;

- provision of notices to trade partners of Ukraine regarding national ND projects in accordance with DSTU 1.13:2015.

More about the work of TC can be found at the link