The Department of Accreditation, Standardization and Quality of Education

The purpose of the Department is to implement the goals and strategies of Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University through internal quality assurance of higher education.

The main tasks of the Department are the following:

– performing works on implementation and functioning of the internal quality assurance system;

– coordinating licensing and accreditation;

– implementation of scientific and technical, organizational and methodological guidance of work on standardization at the university;

– gathering, analysis, generalization and statistical processing of information related to licensing and accreditation; studying changes in the legal framework and informing the structural units of KhNAHU about them;

– providing information-advisory and practical assistance to structural divisions of the university in preparation of documents for licensing and accreditation;

– development of recommendations for the formation of the mission, vision, the strategic plan, formulation of policy in the field of quality as well as work plan for quality assurance;

– development of recommendations for taking management decisions based on the results of analyzing the quality of education;

– development of recommendations for the preparation of documentation necessary for the methodological support of the educational process;

– ensuring the implementation of standards, guidelines and other regulations on quality management, standardization and metrological support of research at KhNAHU;

– replenishment and preservation of the fund of normative documentation.

KhNAHU is a collective member of the technical committee on standardization TC 80 "Road Transport".

The Department of Accreditation, Standardization and Quality of Education was established in September 2018 on the basis of the Department of Quality Management of Education and Standardization. The department is headed by A. I. Korobko.

The fund of normative documentation of the Department accounts for more than 5200 items and consists of state standards of Ukraine, state building norms, interstate standards (GOST), UN / ECE rules in the field of automotive industry, state catalogs (DK). In addition, the fund has a complete list of industry standards (OST 37.001) in the automotive industry. The Department is subscribed to the journal "Standardization, Certification, Quality".

The Department provides consulting assistance to measuring and testing laboratories in their assessment, certification or accreditation. It also monitors the compliance of laboratories with the conditions of assessment, certification, and accreditation. The Department serves research and teaching staff, university students, as well as third-party organizations and individuals (selection, review of normative documentation, advice on quality management, standardization, metrology and certification) on the basis of technical cooperation.

The Department is a base of the production and undergraduate training for students of KhNAHU who major in "Metrology, standardization and certification in mechanical engineering" (field of study 0101 "Professional education").


The Department staff is constantly improving their skills taking part in a wide range of scientific and methodological seminars and conferences.