The structure of the educational department

Head of the educational department

Dohadailo Oleksandr Oleksandrovych

Associate Professor of the Department of Road Construction and Operation, PhD

contact information : Tel: (057) 707-36-67, room 243, main building (mb)

e-mail :



Deputy chief for educational and organizational work

Popova Tatiana Ivanivna, tel. (057)707-37-49, room 242, mb

Educational process planning sector

Klitna Iryna Viktorivna, leading specialist, tel. (057)707-37-81, room 241, mb

Sector of information and analytical activity, the site

Vlasenko Maryna Oleksandrivna, leading specialist, tel. 2-06, room 206, mb

e-mail :

Head of production practice

Shtoda Liudmyla Viktorivna, tel. (057)707-36-71, room 241, mb

e-mail :

Career guidance assistants

Omelianenko Natalia Petrivna

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Deputy head of educational and methodological support

Kharkivska Olena Mykolaivna, tel. (057)707-37-55, room 316, mb

Sector of report generation, documentary support of the educational process

Chzhan Yulia Yevhenivna , leading specialist, tel. (057)707-37-55, room 316, mb

Sector of regulatory and legal support of the educational process

Kalinichenko Tatiana Baltobaivna, leading specialist, tel. (057)707-37-49, room 242, mb

e-mail :