History of educational department


On October 6, 2016, at the age of 74, Serhii Ivanovich Sherstobitov tragically died. He was a person respected by everyone at the university, the head of the academic department, Associate professor of the Department of enterprise economics, the honored worker of the transport and road industry of Ukraine, Full Chevalier of the Badge of Honor "For outstanding services to the university team ".

An outstanding leader and wise organizer, a well-known and talented methodologist, a highly qualified teacher with a creative approach and a true professional passed away. His contribution to the development of the organization, planning and management of the educational process, the development of the university, and the education of scientific personnel cannot be overestimated – his approach to the problems of education at KhNAHU was distinguished by the depth of analysis, the diversity of ideas, the concreteness of practical proposals for the university and particularly for the educational department.

During the long period of teaching and research work, Serhiy Ivanovich proved himself to be a talented, skillful organizer, a demanding teacher and a friendly person. As an experienced teacher, he worked with each student, found an individual approach, knew their problems.

Serhiy Ivanovych was an enterprising and energetic leader, and his daily painstaking work found its embodiment in specific matters of the department and the entire university. The times are challenging and the work of the head of the educational department has always required effort and adoption of non-standard decisions, a special talent possessed by an extraordinary person - our dear Sergey Ivanovich.


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