Another 7 reasons to choose our university is! ..

  • University teaching staff trains foreign students in a wellwishing atmosphere of professionalism, understanding, exactingness and objectivity in knowledge evaluation, teachers help students to study difficult material, conduct extra-classes and consultations.
  • While studying at the University, foreign students are actively involved in scientific research work, participate in students’ scientific conferences, competitions, Olympiads, and write scientific articles. According to the achievements students are awarded with certificates for good work and diplomas.
  • In the course of their studies, foreign students can carry out real course and diploma projects using the source data of their native countries for the calculations.
  • The University has the best preparatory faculty for the lan-guage training of foreign citizens. Modern educational, mul-timedia and interactive technologies as well as original com-puter training and monitoring programs have been devel-oped and widely used here.
  • The Laboratory of Racing Cars that has been operating at the University for more than 50 years is used by students for practical application of theoretical knowledge obtained in classrooms and creating unique models of record-breaking cars by their own hands as well as taking part in national and international sports competitions (2010-2016 SCHELL Eco-marathon, Formula E8, etc.).

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  • The University provides foreign students with a lot of interesting leisure-time activities. They are actively involved in amateur talent contests, sports competitions and other cul-tural events.
  • For the duration of foreign citizen’s training, the University maintains contacts with the parents who can be provided with the information on study and living conditions of their children.
  • The University academic buildings and students dormitories are located in the centre of the city.

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