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Tuesday, 19-03-2019



Anatoliy Turenko

Tel/Fax: +38(057)7003865

Pro-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work and International Relations

Georgiy Tohtar

Tel/Fax: +38(057)7003855           Mob: +38(067)7558151


Dean of the Department of Foreign Citizens Training

Kudryavsev Vyacheslav

Tel/Fax: +38(057)7073680

Mob: +380999866675


List of Necessary Documents

  • for issuing invitation:
  1. the copy of the passport;
  2. the copy of the document about the secondary education with the list of subjects and exam ratings;
  3. the written consent to personal data processing (by e-mail).

  • for admission to the University:
  1. the original and the copy of the educational document on the basis of which the applicant enters the University;
  2. the supplement to the educational document (original and copy) with the list of subjects learned and the marks received;
  3. the copy of the passport translated into Ukrainian and notarized;
  4. the medical insurance policy;
  5. 4 photos sized 30x40 mm.

Educational documents are to be translated into Ukrainian (Russian), notarized and legalized at the Embassy of Ukraine.

Enrollement of foreign citizens

Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University (KNAHU) -

the oldest higher school in Ukraine, which prepares highly-qualified specialists who are always in great demand in all countries of the world to work in the field of motor transport and road construction.

Currently, the University has eight faculties, namely: Automobile, Road Construction, Mechanical, Business and Management, Transportation Systems, Foreign Citizens Train-ing, Correspondence and Distance Learning, Advanced Training and Retraining, where 10 000 full-time and extramural students, including about 1 000 foreigners from more than 30 countries of the world are trained.

University invites you to study and guarantees the high quality of training. And here is why!!!

The University employs over 500 highly-qualified experienced teachers and scientists, includ-ing Honoured Workers of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine, Academicians and Members of Transport Academy of Ukraine, Doctors and Candi-dates of Engineering Sciences, Professors and Associate Professors.

The most in-demand specialities of university and places of employment for graduates

In 2001 according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine the University was awarded the status of “NATIONAL” for the high achievements in scientific and pedagogical activities.

At present, the educational activities of the University include:

•     Bachelor’s degree programme (21 specialities);
•     Master’s degree programme (17 specialities);
•     preparation of postgraduate and doctoral students (10 scientific fields).

All specialities of the University are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, they are always topical and in demand at the labour markets of all countries around the world.